Leader Sessions

Agenda at a Glance

Collaborating with Technology to Evolve Humanity  

22 April

09.00 Ola’s mad voyage into possible futures and mind-bending technology trends

Ola Ahlvarsson, serial entrepreneur co-creator of SIME and Epicenter

Key takeaways:

  • The latest technology
  • Visions and hallucinations
  • What leaders must understand

09.30 War and peace and what it means to business

James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Innovation, Hybrid and Cyber at NATO

10.00 Collaborating to win – next-level AI 

Ingrid af Sandeberg, chair Stockholm AI

Jeff Abbot, author Blitzscaling, founder AI Salon and Blitzscale Ventures

Key takeaways:

  • Exploring how to cooperate with AI
  • Rules and risks with exponential AI
  • Leading together

10.20 Cyberspies and what to do about them

Hanna Linderstål, Senior security advisor and founder

Earhart Business Protection Agency

Key takeaways:

  • A crash course in cyber espionage and how to avoid it
  • Geopolitics makes cyber security deadly

10.40 Inner Development Goals – inside a global leader movement

Erik Fernholm, co-creator 29k and IDG

Key takeaways:

  • Why leadership needs to change
  • How does leadership based on inner development lead to the right o external impact
  • IDG global update

10.50 Breakout sessions and summits

  • Longevity
  • Fintech
  • Product Design

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Summary of Breakout Sessions

13.15 A music industry transformed

Ulf Ekberg, pop star and founder Ace of Base

Key takeaways:

  • From the global stages to a TikTok near you
  • Entertainment and AI, disruption or democratization
  • The first new preview of the new movie about Ace Of Base

13.45 Dancing with Chaos – how to manage success, family and purpose

Up close with author Carly Abramowich, Author of best-selling Dancing with Chaos 

Key takeaways:

  • How to break free from complexity, 
  • Move toward your goals faster 
  • Closing the gap between how you want to live and how you live 

14.00 The world 2040 according to Alexander Bard

Alexander Bard, musician, philosopher, and generally badass

14.30 Breakout sessions and summits

  • Marketing and Technology
  • Intraprenourship
  • Ai

15.30 Summary of breakout sessions

15.45 A view on climate -the road to sustainable cities

Einar Bodström, founder and CEO, ClimateView

Key takeaways:

  • Data driven sustainability
  • The challenge all cities must overcome
  • Sustainability as a business opportunity

16.05 Mindchange – book release Ola Ahlvarsson’s book about the art and science of thinking (and as a bonus live a harmonious life)

Ola Ahlvarsson, author of Mindchange

Key takeaways:

  • How you can train your thoughts and feelings to make you happier and more successful
  • The brain is plastic and develops your whole life if you know how to train your thinking
  • The world needs a new narrative

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16.45 Book release cocktail and press conference at Elements

16.30-18.00 AiSalon Stockholm

Join us for the AiSalon Stockholm chapter launch during the SIME conference! Register here >>

23 April

09.00 Ola’s mad voyage into possible futures and mind-bending technology trends

Ola Ahlvarsson

09.10 Let's teleport to 2040 - Futurist journey with visions and hallucinations 

Erik Rosales and Charlie Caper

Key takeaways:

  • How we will work live and play 2040
  • Our complicated relationship to robots
  • Really weird things that will probably become true

09.30 Scaleups making us go WOW!

Presentation by Jonas Kjellberg, CEO and founder, of Nornorm the fast-growing office as a service company powering Epicenter and making interior design a competitive edge.

Presentation by PJ, founder of Vaimo, the leading e-commerce and content platform hailing from the Same land and conquering the world

10.00  Mindplay - Parenting in an Exponential World

Erik Rosales, TV host of children's programs, theater performer and innovator

Imad Elabdala, a serial entrepreneur in treating children's trauma,, intrapreneur, previous war correspondent and author of children's books

Different perspectives on the increased complexity of being a parent or growing up

10.20 From drug dealing to spying in North Korea – the unlikely story behind the movie The Mole and the man who changed himself and then took on the North Korean dictator

Jim Latrache, spy, ex drug lord, psychologist and moviestar

A quest for belonging and adrenaline from the French foreign legion to the top of the drug business and via love to be an activist and spy.

Key takeaways:

  • A unique story of human transformation
  • Love as the answer
  • From anger to purpose
  • Behind the scenes from his role in the new version of Bron (the Bridge)

10.40 Upgrade your decisions

A fireside chat with Cassie Kozyrko, ex Chief decision scientist at Google, leading tech blogger, speaker and author

Key takeaways:

  • Must know data-driven decision-making skills for modern leaders in a complex environment
  • The discipline of turning information into better actions, in any setting and at any scale
  • Key learnings from Google and beyond

11.00 Breakout Sessions and Summits

  • Talent
  • Foodtech
  • Real Estate and Prop-tech
  • Sustainability

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Summary of breakout sessions

13.15 Knowledge-packed Asia tour

Cecilie Chen, serial intrapreneur and former chines journalist

Mahesh Kumar, serial entrepreneur and co-creator of Epicenter

Key takeaways:

  • Touch down India, China and South East Asia, what can we learn and what are the opportunities

13.35 Restoring the truth - Making truth fact-based again

Daniel Dubno is an Emmy Award-winning television news producer, technologist, curator, futurist, and inventor. a TED- and World Economic Forum speaker, advisor to DARPA and other world-leading organizations and a master in interpreting the signs of our time.

Key takeaways:

  • The need to reclaim the truth in public discourse
  • AI risk and opportunities in journalism
  • How to make money on accuracy, integrity, and truthful content. 
  • The US Election, where the truth can be the first victim

13.55 Elements - where the magic happens

Tove Törneman, Project leader Elements, AMFFastigheter

Celeste Fierro, CEO Elements, Stockholm's new Sustainability innovation house and campfire for tomorrow's most important questions

Charlie Caper, Chief Magic Officer, Elements

Stockholms new innovation house for a sustainable future and campfire for tomorrow's most important questions

14.15 Breakout Sessions & New this year - Campfire and Oasis Sessions - group sessions where the collective intelligence helps solve participant challenges

  • Cyber Security
  • Product Design
  • Intraprenourship
  • Retail

15.15 Summary of collaboration sessions

15.30 Political commentary on US elections and the future of journalism

Mike Oreskes, former editor in chief International Herald Tribute/New Your Times. Co-Author, The Genius of America, How the Constitution Saved Our Country and Why It Can Again.

15.45 A Queer Bird in the Middle East – homo romantic movies in Arabic and beyond

Up close with film director and gay icon Naures Sager

Key takeaways:

  • LGBTQ+ hate and love in the Middle East
  • How to make a great love story
  • Standing up and seeing the opportunity in diversity 

16.05 To Light the Flame of Reason
– Clear Thinking for the Twenty-first Century

Christer Sturmark, founder and publisher Fri Tanke, author of Flame of Reason – Clear Thinking for the Twenty-first Century

16.30 After Sime mingel at Elements

19.00 SMILE Gala at Epicenter in cooperation with Operation Smile where every ticket pays for a child with cleft palate surgery. 

On the last evening day, April 23rd we have added a grand finale with the SMILE Gala where the Sime audience together with Operations Smile helps kids with face deformities get surgery and be able to smile and thrive supported by top artists and wonderful food experiences. Read more here >>