Sime summer edition

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Sime is the iconic event on digital business transformation. We gather the sharpest brains and wisest hearts to make a difference.

Intrapreneurial capital

The key to future growth, profitability, and greater efficacy.

Innovation cities

where our future is secured


Build for digital business optimization and inclusion before 2025, or get a fine!

The Future of Funding

The new hard core investing landscape

Web 3.0

Metaverse is serious, are you?

Talent - Finding and leading "getting shit done" people

Finding and leading "getting shit done" people


Computer vision and beyond

Leadership & Technology

How to lead in a black swan world


Next generation of customer experience


Let’s join forces in finding disruptive solutions to hard problems and opportunities no one even thought of


Where do we stand with Web3 companies and how to connect them to traditional business models, looking for best practices

Real Estate & PropTech

New circumstances needs new solutions.


Galloping water stress – The sustainability dark horse


Urban food production - a trillion dollar industry

Recognizing international cyber security day | Cyber Security - The treat is real

The threat is real

Innovation City Summit

How to live happily ever after