Web 3.0 - Metaverse is serious, are you?

The gap between the digital and physical world is closing in. Step by step we are entering a seamless “digilog” reality, often referred to as the Metaverse or Web 3.0, meaning a decentralized digital environment that involves all human senses and makes extensive use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain technologies. A large number of actors and creators have already made the shift to bridge the divide. 
In this summit we will discuss
  • How will our new internet provide a more personal and customized experience. 
  • What will the benefits of a more decentralized web mean to individuals and organizations? 
  • Will the next generation prefer spending more time inside the metaverse than reality
  • Best practices and future concepts

December 1, 2022 10:30 AM

(Main Stage starts 8:30 AM)

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Sam Rihani

Sam Rihani, comes from a long background in media and social media serving 13 years as Country Director for Facebook and Meta. He brings uniqw experience from the birth and growth of social media as well as thoughts about our metaverse future.

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