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Today’s retail industry is changing like never before. The new generation is full of digital shoppers who have grown up interacting with touchscreens and speaking to Amazon’s Alexa. Traditional retailers need to work hard in order to keep up with consumers’ demands for speed and convenience, while reducing costs and increasing margins. The prevalence of technology will continue to grow and shape how consumers define shopping. In a world where consumers are doing more of their shopping online and getting orders delivered to their homes, what’s the role of the brick-and-mortar store?

Key questions include the rise of online retail, the transformation of physical stores, risks and opportunities of disintermediation and reintermediation, the emergence of new models, implications for CPG companies, and much more.

November 30, 2022 10:00 AM

(Main Stage starts 8:30 AM)

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Epicenter Store

Epicenter Store is the experimental platform for retail innovation with impact. We don’t believe that we have all the answers for how we’ll solve all the questions related to the future of retail. But by asking the right questions and gathering the right thinkers, doers and changemakers committed to collaborate with us on this mission, we believe that magic happens.Epicenter Store is located at Regeringsgatan 61 where we have 1000 sq. m. of retail space, showrooms, open workspace, event space and experiences.Epicenter Store is part of Epicenter House of Digital Innovation. We create innovation with impact by combining knowledge, community and space linked digitization and innovation. Epicenter Store is the latest addition to the Epicenter ecosystem.

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