HealthTech - Let’s join forces in finding disruptive solutions to hard problems and opportunities no one even thought of

HealthTech - Let’s join forces in finding disruptive solutions to hard problems and opportunities no one even thought of

The staggering development in HealthTech is influencing all aspects of health and health-care. (In 2022 alone wearables reached a turnover of USD 73 billion, with a yearly growth rate of 20%.)

As individuals we now have access to tools formerly only available to professionals. More solutions are launched, by the hour. How should we make the best use of them? 

What changes will be needed from the health-care sector? 

Let’s look at the opportunities that HealthTech offers to individuals, stakeholders and changemakers.

Let’s speed up the process - together.

November 30, 2022 10:00 AM

(Main Stage starts 8:30 AM)

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Ellen Bjerkehag

Community Builder with a passion for bringing people together and creating exciting conversations and connections.

Ellen is currently Head of Community at Epicenter - a community and meeting arena where digital startups, scaleups and corporations come together to supercharge their innovation and growth. She is also Business Advisor for Companies and Organizations that aim to create and develop a community. 

Her aim as a Moderator or Host is to contribute to an interesting, fun and memorable event. Whilst on stage she delivers direct, curious
and fearless questions in a personal way and always puts the purpose of the event and the people on stage in the spotlight.

Her aim is always to co-create and drive development together.

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Per Söderström

HealthTech evangelist, business advisor. Curious member of Epicenter

Ten years of self-tracking during an exceptional era of tech development led Per to mainly focus on healthtech - for the benefit of personal health, democratization of healthcare as well as startup opportunities.

Per is an advisor, speaker and educator at heart. He's also contributing editor for Warp News, “making the future come sooner”. 

His extensive business background comes from leading roles in marketing: as brand development director (Ericsson Mobile Phones, Huddinge Sjukhus etc) and being a board member of Twilfit and the Stockholm Marketing Association; as advertising account director for Saab Cars, Skandia Försäkring, Volvo Trucks.

He's known for being well-read, strategic, creative and open minded. Per has often been interviewed about HealthTech on international television - TF1 France, NewsMax USA, Rai 1 Italy, RTS Switzerland, Tokyo Television Japan….

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