FoodTech - Urban food production - a trillion dollar industry

One of the most interesting and dynamic dimensions of the food transformation movement is the role of the city, and its side streams and builders of urban infrastructure in the production of food. In short, food doesn't have to come from the countryside in the future. And when that shift happens all bets are off. Food is in for the biggest shift since the dawn of civilization with entirely new sectors being built, new fortunes won and old ones lost. Which of these do you belong to? Join a workshop with the leaders of the food transformation in Sweden to find your seat at the future table!

November 30, 2022 10:00 AM

(Main Stage starts 8:30 AM)

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Johan Jorgensen

Johan Jorgensen is the tech entrepreneur and investor that threw himself all into food a dozen years ago. He is founder of Sweden FoodTech and as such he coaches nations, cities, big corps and entrepreneurs regarding strategic business-building in the transforming food sector. Sweden Foodtech is the leading advisory firm for foodtech in the Nordics and has an unmatched international network.

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