FinTech - Where do we stand with Web3 companies and how to connect them to traditional business models, looking for best practices

Web3 is the new frontier of the internet that will continue to impact our society. As technology develops quicker than regulation, we will do a status review about what areas of Web3 are covered by regulators and what are the best practices to grow Web3 companies for companies that are not yet covered in regulation.

We will speak about the development of a knowledge base that is being developed by Law Enforcement Agencies, Policy Makers, and members of the Fintech community.

November 30, 2022 10:00 AM

(Main Stage starts 8:30 AM)

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Michal Gromek

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Michal Gromek, is a Co-Chair of the Digital Asset Task Force of the Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime - which includes such members as Europol, Interpol, Refinitiv or World Economic Forum. Since entering the Fintech space 10+ years ago, his key passion has continued to be on developing cutting-edge solutions at the intersection between Payments, Crypto, Blockchain, P2P lending, Equity, Insurtech and Regtech.

That has been materialized it in different forms: being an executive in leading Fintech companies, covering the stories as a Contributor on and blending it up with academic Insights. Collected information has been transformed into knowledge while teaching and speaking to executives and releasing reports and books. Knowledge has been transformed into the utility in different Fintech products and regulatory frameworks to ensure that we stay on both the innovative and secure side of the Fintech world. Every day.



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