Great Value for Groups with

Sime Corporate Pass

Come together – and maximize your presence

With our limited edition Sime Corporate Pass you bring along your team – or colleagues from other departments – for two full blown Sime days on a common pass. Attend relevant sessions, summits or expert talks together – or split up to cover more topics, sharing your takeaways after to hyper boost learnings.
Great for exploration, education, teambuilding, networking and business.

The Sime Corporate Pass can be shared by people who work for the same company or organisations, with 5-15 simultanous visitors on site. It comes with benefits like VIP check-in, access to our Corporate Lounge during Sime and an ROI Checklist. All to ensure you get the most out of Sime.

We also give the opportunity to prolong your Sime experience by offering you invites to workshops and thought leader sessions at Epicenter for 12 months.

The Sime Corporate Pass is on sale to a limited amount of groups from Mars 31.

This is what you get

  • 2 Days Access to Sime Full Experience, thought leader sessions, summits, expert talks and master classes, for 5-15 simultanous visitors on site.
  • VIP Check In at own desk
  • Access to Corporate Lounge during Sime, with fruit, snacks, coffee and surprises
  • Access to Simes closed Youtube channel with all sessions to watch afterwards
  • Sime Essential Brief – a written summary of Sime
  • Sime Closing Party and cocktail
  • Food & drinks and fun during both days
  • Invitations to thought leader sessions at Epicenter during 12 months

Sime Corporate Pass ROI – Doing the Math

What if you got 20 industry reports, 50 interviews and 100 new business contacts? We provide the platform, with experts, workshop and speakers. Your job is to use it. For best results (based on best practices): plan, set goals, deploy. The result might surprise you.

An example of the possible output of group of 10 persons

1) Plan: Go through the program in advance, ensure right people are being sent to the right sessions at Sime.
2) Set goals: What is your purpose in attending Sime? Knowledge, inspiration or communication? Or a bit of all? Ensure that all attendees have a task aligned with your goals.
3) Deploy!

20 Reports: Make sure every colleague writes a summary of at least two sessions. 10 persons x 2 reports = 20 reports with key findings from Sime.
100 contacts: Make sure that every colleague initiates at least 10 new, relevant contacts during Sime. 10 colleagues x 10 contacts = 100 new contacts
20-50 brief interviews: Enhance every colleague to make 5 brief interviews with 2–5 interesting persons. 10 x 2 = 20 interviews, 5 x 10 =50 interviews
30-50 tweets from your company: Make every colleague, tweet or post 3–5 times from Sime

Tips! Gamify your presence! Make it a ball by gamification. Good Luck!

Contact for more information

Magnus Berglund

Head of sales & partnership

[email protected]