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What is Sime?

Sime is created to spread knowledge about digital opportunities. Sime arranges Sime Stockholm, Sime Miami, Sime Next Generation (for youths 13–17 years), Sime Consciousness (about the inner journey towards better leadership), Entrepreneurial summer school and several smaller events with industry leading partners. Sime also is an owner and one of the founders of Epicenter, Stockholm’s digital house of innovation.

Who attends Sime?

Sime is for business leaders and for those who are interested in how the tech society changes how we work, live and play. Out of the approximately 1800 delegates, approximately 400 are international guests inspired by ”Silicon Valhalla”. Of the Swedish guests approximately 400 are business leaders, 300 marketeers, 200 IT professionals, 300 entrepreneurs, 200 advisers and aficionados.


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